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*゜+.。:;+.:;。+゜*゜+.。:;+.:;。+゜*゜*゜+.。You can find more than 200 recipes using Meiji Milk Chocolate as a ingredient!"Meiji Tezukuri Choco Recipe (Meiji Handmade Chocolate Recipe)" letsyou make variety of chocolates even if you've never made chocolates.Is that all? Of course not!
It has much more features including wrapping tips, chocolate decoration simulator and etc.!If you are trying to make handmade chocolate, this app is the must have!*゜+.。:;+.:;。+゜*゜+.。:;+.:;。+゜*゜*゜+.。
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- More than 200 handmade sweets recipes with instruction photos
- Recommended Seasonal Sweets Recipes
- Difficulty Level Search/ Sweets Type Search/ Conditional Search
- Free Word Search
- Camera Function
- Kitchen Timer Function
- Notebook Function for each Recipe
- Sharing Function for each Recipe (Twitter/Facebook)
- Favorite Record
- Wrapping Techniques
- Deco-Choco Simulator
- Recipe Term Dictionary
- Q&A